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Accord Info Matrix, with years of expertise, has emerged out as the most reputed institute for PHP training in Chennai.

With all the recent developments in technological aspects, there is a great buzz around Php Training in Chennai. Everyday there seems to be a new institute popping out with a wide range of courses in Chennai.

PHP is one the most popular web development language that powers almost all the CMS available in the world. Starting from WordPress, to Joomla, Magento, Drupal, even the world famous social networking site is powered by PHP.

While hundreds of companies are offering thousands of chances for students equipped with PHP training institute, millions of students are looking out for the best institute with the best PHP course.

Preface of PHP Training

PHP is an interpreted server-side scripting language. This means you write PHP code, upload it to a web server, and execute it with an interpreter. PHP is typically used with a web server like Apache or nginx to serve dynamic content.

However, PHP can also be used to build powerful command-line applications (just like bash, Ruby, Python, and so on). Many PHP developers don’t realize this and miss out on a really exciting feature.

The PHP language is experiencing a renaissance. PHP is transforming into a modern scripting language with helpful features like namespace, traits, closures, and a built-in opcode cache. The modern PHP ecosystem is evolving, too. PHP developers rely less on monolithic frameworks and more on smaller specialized components.

Today, the PHP language is quickly evolving and is supported by dozens of core team developers from around the world.

A PHP engine is a program that parses, interprets, and executes PHP code. An official PHP language specification is becoming more important given the introduction of multiple competing PHP engines. The original PHP engine is the Zend Engine, a PHP interpreter written in C and introduced in PHP 4.

Today the Zend Engine is the Zend company’s main contribution to the PHP community. However, there is now a second major PHP engine – the HipHop Virtual Machine form Facebook. A language specification ensures that both engines maintain a baseline compatibility.

PHP Training Features:

PHP offers a wide range of many features. The follows:

  • Supports namespaces
  • Supports Late Static Bindings
  • Support jump labels
  • Support native Closures
  • Support Nowdoc syntax (like Heredoc syntax)
  • Possible to dynamic access to static methods.
What are the advantages of choosing PHP?

PHP used to developing a websites and dynamic pages by using server-side scripting language. It has some advantages:

  • Free of cost
  • Easy and Efficient
  • Platform independent
  • All Major web servers and Databases support
  • High Security and Trusted

New versions of PHP:

The PHP Version 7 released on December 3, 2015. It follows the troubled development of PHP version 6 and suffered from Unicode problems and had several features implemented into earlier versions of PHP.

PHP Version 7.0.0 includes the some of the improvements. The follows:

  • It reduced memory usage.
  • 64-bit support consistent.
  • Possible to removal of SAPIs and PHP extensions for outdated and unsupported.
  • Anonymous classes
  • Zend engine update to version 3 to interpret the PHP code.
  • Static analysis of internal Abstract Syntax Tree
  • Supports Emoji

Accord Info Matrix provides our students with customized PHP Training in Chennai to tune them into professionals in PHP courses after understanding their needs and interests.

With excellence and immense knowledge in the sector of PHP Training, we offer our students with a comprehensive syllabus that covers almost all the PHP courses –

  • Open Source Software
  • Basic PHP Development
  • LAMP(Introduction)
  • Function & Arrays
  • Classes & Objects
  • CSS
  • DOM
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache & Apache 2.2
  • Joomla, WordPress, Magento & Drupal

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